Be a Healthy Mama

During one of your first visits with your doctor, be sure to ask for an exercise program.  Exercising during pregnancy provides many of the same benefits as when you're not pregnant.  For example, exercising will strengthen your muscles and can help relieve stress, aches and pains. Also, your weight gain may be more gradual with proper exercise.


Here are a few more reasons to exercise while you are pregnant:


  • Sleep better.
    You may find it harder to fall asleep during pregnancy.  Consistent exercise can improve the quality of your sleep and help you wake up feeling more rested.
  • Fight fatigue.
    Low-level tiredness is common during the first trimester and late in the third trimester.  Something as simple as an easy walk can give your energy level a much-needed boost.
  • Give your baby a healthy start.
    Women who exercise during pregnancy give birth to babies who are born at healthier weights, who are less stressed from labor and delivery, and who recover from the stresses of birth more quickly.
  • Be better prepared for childbirth.
    The better shape you're in, the stronger you'll be come labor and delivery time. You may have a shorter and easier labor and be less likely to need additional medical intervention during your delivery, such as a C-section.
  • Recover more quickly.
    For many women, the potential to recover more quickly and "get your body back" is motivation enough to exercise during pregnancy.  If you've remained active, your body will have an easier time bouncing back after your baby is born.